Homestead Exemptions Reduce Property Tax Bills

Homeowners can reduce their property tax bills in 2022 by taking advantage of homestead exemptions offered by counties, cities, school districts and other local taxing units. To apply for an exemption on your residence homestead, contact the Real Central Appraisal District.

A homestead is generally the house and land used as the owner’s principal residence on Jan. 1 of the tax year. Homestead exemptions reduce the appraised value of your home and thus lower your property taxes.

Available homestead exemptions include:

  • School Taxes: All homeowners may receive a $40,000 homestead exemption for school taxes.
  • County Taxes: If a county collects a special tax for farm-to-market roads or flood control, a homeowner may receive a $5,000 homestead exemption for this tax.
  • Age and Disability Exemptions: Individuals 65 or older or disabled may qualify for a $10,000 homestead exemption for school taxes, in addition to the $40,000 exemption available to all homeowners. Also, any taxing unit may offer a local optional exemption of at least $3,000 for taxpayer’s age 65 or older and/or disabled. Older or disabled homeowners do not need to own their homes on Jan. 1 to qualify for these special homestead exemptions. They qualify as soon as they turn 65 or become disabled.

Taxing units may offer a local option exemption based on a percentage of a home’s appraised value. Any taxing unit can exempt up to 20 percent of the value of each qualified homestead. No matter what percentage of value the taxing unit adopts, the dollar value of the exemption must be at least $5,000.

Partial disabled veteran exemptions: The law provides partial exemptions for any property owned by veterans who are disabled, spouses and survivors of deceased disabled veterans and spouses and survivors of military personnel who died on active duty. The amount of exemption is determined according to the percentage of service-connected disability.

100% Residence Homestead Exemption for Disabled Veterans: A disabled veteran who receives from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (1) 100 percent disability compensation due to a service-connected disability; and (2) a rating of 100 percent disabled or of individual unemployability is entitled to an exemption from taxation of the total appraised value of the veteran’s residence homestead. This benefit does not accrue to the surviving spouse upon the veteran’s death.

Homeowners may also qualify for a limit on taxes. A tax freeze, or ceiling, for school taxes is a benefit for homeowners when they turn 65 or become disabled. The elderly or disabled homeowner’s school property taxes cannot increase above the amount of tax paid on that home in the first year the homeowner receives the 65 and older homestead exemption, unless the homeowner improves or adds to the house or makes an improvement because of a disaster.

In addition to the school tax freeze, counties, cities and junior college districts may also opt to offer a tax freeze for the elderly or disabled homeowners. Each taxing unit’s governing body may vote to grant the freeze, or the citizens of a taxing unit may petition for an election on granting the freeze.

For further details on homestead exemptions that can lower your property taxes, contact the Real Central Appraisal District at (830) 232-6248. Or contact the Comptroller’s Property Tax Assistance Division at (800) 252-9121, ext. 2, or visit the Comptroller’s website at


Truth in taxation is a concept embodied in the Texas Constitution that requires local taxing units to make taxpayers aware of tax rate proposals and to afford taxpayers the opportunity to roll back or limit tax increases.  Property owners have the right to know about increases in their property’s appraised value and to be notified of the estimated taxes that could result from the new value.  Please click the below link to access this website.


City of Camp Wood Property Owners

The Appraisal District will officially take over City of Camp Wood tax collections beginning, April 1st 2022. You can pay your taxes at Real CADs new office located at 763 South US Highway 83 Leakey, TX, or on a scheduled date in the Camp Wood City Hall. Call the Real CAD office to see what dates they will be in Camp Wood.


Real CAD has opened in our NEW building located at 763 US Highway 83 Leakey, TX. 78873




At the Real Central Appraisal District and School Tax Collection office, the health and well-being of our taxpayers, employees and communities is our top priority. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are committed to being responsive to the needs of our taxpayers as the situation evolves.

We strongly encourage you to use our online tools, tutorials, and other resources for tax services.

Payments can be made online through Certified Payments (866-549-1010):

Leakey ISD

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The Real Central Appraisal District has completed it’s 2021 Levy Process. There are an estimated total of 24,000 tax statements being sent out from the Real CAD office as well as the Real County Tax Assessor/Collectors office.

Real County – 9398

Real County-City of Camp Wood – 560

Leakey ISD – 6397

Nueces- Canyon CISD – 6911

Just a reminder to our taxpayers, our office accepts payments via mail in form of check or money order, online using our pay taxes tab, and in our offices located in Leakey and Camp Wood (no appointment necessary). If you have not received a tax statement and would like to inquire about your Leakey ISD or Nueces Canyon ISD taxes, you can call our office at (830)232-6248.





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The Real Central Appraisal District would like to remind Taxpayers that the 2021 tax will become delinquent on FEBRUARY 1ST .

The Penalty and interest on all current taxes (2021 taxes) are assessed on February 1, 2022. Penalty and interest accrue at the following rates:


February 7%

March      9%

April        11%

May         13%

June        15%

July         18%


The taxes continue to accrue at a rate of 1% per month or portion of a Month (for total of 18% in July), plus in July you will also pay an additional 15% collection fee which is applied to the base tax, penalty and interest.


Sec. 25.027. Restriction on Posting Information on Internet Website.
(a) Information in appraisal records may not be posted on the Internet if the information:
(1)is a photograph, sketch, or floor plan of an improvement to real property that is designed primarily for use as a human residence; or
(2)indicates the age of a property owner, including information indicating that a property owner is 65 years of age or older.
(b) Subsection (a)(1) does not apply to an aerial photograph that depicts five or more separately owned buildings.

(Enacted by Acts 2005, 79th Leg., ch. 29 (S.B. 541), § 1, effective September 1, 2005; am. Acts 2015, 84th Leg., ch. 337 (H.B. 394), § 1, effective September 1, 2015.)

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